How do you sign up for Humanity Wine Co.?
To sign up for a Humanity Wine Co. subscription, head to our homepage and click “I’ll drink to that!” We will ask you a few simple and fun questions about the kind of experiences you prefer, and quantity of wine you consume or gift. Once your personal case of wine is curated all you have to do is fill out your shipping and billing information. Every 3 months you will receive what you agree upon and only wines that fit your personal profile.
You can also get started right here.  

When will I be charged?
You will be charged as soon as you check out. Every 3 months thereafter, you will be charged on the same day, on the 10th of each month. 

What if I don't like a wine?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will love every single bottle, because wine is so subjective. We do our best by curating cases that fit your personal lifestyle and preference. However, we do want to hear back from you about the wines you receive so all ratings, reviews and comments can be left here or emailed directly to us at Review@HumanityWineCo.com. We will log them into your personal preference profile and do our best to not make the same mistake twice. 

We will also use your reviews to help steer our wine buying decisions. We want to make sure that we are doing the best job possible in selecting wines that fit your preference.

What is HumanityWineCo.com all about?

We are a wine club and membership whose sole objective is to deliver to you excellent value wines, while changing the world around you for generations to come. We donate directly to the orphan youth program Humanity Del Sol, Inc.. Your purchase generates a profit for us, in which we donate 50% to the life altering programs that the Humanity Del Sol family provide to aged out orphans. Technically you are a WINEthropist; the more wine you purchase and consume from us the more you contribute to the lives of orphans who have no family and a 98% chance of being left on the streets after they leave the orphanages only to repeat their parents deadly and traumatic cycles. 

Are you currently shipping with the COVID19 present?

Indeed we are shipping during these very uncertain times. Shipping times are taking longer then expected as you can imagine due to the massive spike in home deliveries during these times. We are honored to ship you wine each month right to your doorstep to help keep you, your family and our communities safe. 

When will my wine be delivered?

Depending on your address, deliveries are on Monday-Saturday during regular working hours and they'll require a signature from somebody over 21 years old.
Most deliveries will generally take 6 - 10 business days. However, deliveries are taking longer than usual due to these unprecedented times deliveries taking up to 14 days. However, you will receive an order confirmation email upon confirming your purchase and a separate tracking email when we get your tracking information. 

What happens if nobody's there to accept the delivery?

The shipper will attempt to deliver your case three times. If after the 2nd time nobody's there to receive it please contact our customer service department directly and let's try and figure it out together. We do not want them to get to the third delivery time and you are not there...things get complicated after the third attempt. Please email one of our family members at service@humanitywineco.com .

Giving Back

What is a Humanity Wine partner?

They are wineries and importers that are committed to featuring the highest quality wineries of a region coupled with an ethical duty to go the distance and change the lives of orphans through business. They are all family owned wineries with boutique vineyards 

How does a company become a humanity wine partner?

Founder Mariagrazia Lauricella developed long term relationships with each winery representing and cultivated a culture in which product is made not only to make a living but to help others fulfill their purpose on earth. New wineries or importers that want to get involved in this pioneering wine membership can contact Mariagrazia directly. Maria@Humanitywineco.com

What kind of programs does the 50% of profits help?

The Humanity Del Sol program is made up of 3 critical aspects of care for aged out orphans. Orphans that have hit 18 years old and can no longer stay in the orphanage through till 25 years old. The 3 categories are One on One mentorship and discipleship, Skill-based education in Tourism, Wine making, Gastronomy, Furniture Making, Event Planning, and Accessory Design. Finally we grant all of our youth alternative and traditional therapies such as art and music therapy along with one on one professional counseling. 


How do I cancel my monthly wine subscription?

You can cancel your wine subscription anytime before then to not get charged and have your next quarter's order shipped out. After the 10th your case of wine is assembled and shipped to your home. Therefore, once it is on its way to you we cannot stop the delivery. However, if after that wine shipment you choose to continue with the cancelation of your subscription simply email us at service@humanitywineco.com You can cancel at any time with no questions asked. we will be super sad you are leaving us. Note: Many states have specific laws about the transfer and shipment of wine, so it is not always possible to cancel the delivery. Our team moves quickly as soon as orders and monthly payments are placed to get you your wine as quickly as possible. Furthermore, we always try to work something out. Please just email a family member at service@humanitywineco.com and someone will get back to you within 48 hours. 
How do I cancel my annual wine membership benefits?

Your Humanity Family Wine Club, is a membership that comes with tons of value, and for only $247 a year with thousands of dollars in savings and insider perks such as wine tastings with the winemakers, exclusive travel invitations, private cooking classes and an extra $125 toward charity we can’t imagine that you’d want to cancel your membership. However, if you still want to cancel or skip your annual membership please email Service@humanitywineco.com and we will take care of you in less than 48 hours.